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Main Rules

Post by evelyn on Thu Nov 15, 2007 10:12 am

The Rules for Fahrenheit

Below are all the rules that you need to take into account. Failure to follow any of these rules will result in warning or banning!

Every forum has its own rules. Forum rules are very important for a forum. It makes our community a harmony and a idy forum to have fun in. So please read the rules carefully, understand and follow them!!

Posting & Reply
- Post your topic in the RIGHT section!
- If you accidentally double posted please PM(Private Message) moderators or admins.

- Do not only post smilies!
- Moderators and admins have the power to give warnings.

Do not double post
- If you want to post in the same thread and they last reply was made by you, DO NOT POST! Instead, use the EDIT button.
- IF you accidently double posted please delete the double reply.
- If you accidentally double posted please PM moderators or admins.

Delete Post
- You can delete your own post, but not your own topics.
- If you accidentally double posted, please PM moderators or admins.

- Please read the announcements. They aren't announced just for fun.

Leave A Comment
- Please leave a comment when you read a certain topic. It take them so much time to post that topic so they are deserve to receive your comment.
- At least send them Thank You For Sharing with you comment.

No Bashing and Arguement
- Please DO NOT make any arguement or bashing in the forum. A forum is like a big family and for members to have fun inside.
- If you have problems with other members talk to them in private (use PMs) don't post in the thread! If you dislike a certain artist - LIKE IT OR LEAVE IT!
- Warns will be given. Moderators or Admin please warn them when you saw arguement in public.

The Moderators
- All the moderators in charged of a certain forum has a complete power. Any questions on a specified forum, you may PM them. They will help you solve your problem.

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