Dont worry...I am fine now!

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Dont worry...I am fine now!

Post by evelyn on Thu Nov 15, 2007 2:47 pm

First of all, I know you guys are very worried about my eye, right? Well, I’m feeling much better now! Doctor says my speed of recovery is like a rocket so all I need is some more rest… Don't worry, ok ☺ Honestly, I had a great time in HK even though it was only for a day. I did many things… eat lots of yummy food, met up good friends, walked around the streets like an ordinary person (although I was always approached by passersby ) and the feeling was great. Actually, going to HK was a last minute plan as filming was cancelled and I really missed the times in the past where I used to shop around HK, which was FUN FUN FUN… haha! Unfortunately, my eye somehow spoiled the whole trip, which I really enjoyed, and at that moment, I thought I would go blind! I have thought of leaving showbiz if I were to go blind and it was a very sad moment and indeed scary! However, this experience made me learn a lesson and it will definitely remind me on how important our eyes are. So, I would like to inform all of you to take really good care of your eyes, ok!

Something to share with you guys… actually, I have watched 2 movies recently… called ‘A Family Man’ (扭傳奇蹟) starring Nicholas Cage and the other is ‘Wait Til You’re Older’ (童夢奇緣) starring Andy Lau.

While watching ‘Wait Til You’re Older’, I got so emotional until I wasn’t able to control my tears especially the part when Andy Lau showed the love for his mum who passed away and how much he missed her. At that moment, I really thought a lot about how my life has changed after my mum passed away! Well, don't worry… I am ok now… I have put all my emotions back to normal. Actually, this movie is trying to tell us what I have always believed in… Life is short, so CHERISH IT! No matter how short life is, no matter how miserable life is, even if you incur any kinds of illnesses; you still got to be brave enough to live the best in your life and cherish the people beside you everyday!

The other movie, ‘A Family Man’, is something similar to ‘Click’! Again, it tells us not to miss any opportunity in life and not to take things for granted! The relationship between our families and loved ones is something that money cannot buy and no one knows how much time we have left! But what we do know is we STILL have the chance to appreciate, forgive and make up for what we did wrong in the past with one another. I really love watching movies like these as they are very meaningful and we can learn a lot form them. I very much wish all my future projects could bring this kind of impact to many of you around the world!

Actually, I have always given people the impression that I know what I want in my life. However, I do have one big dilemma… My biggest sacrifice entering showbiz is losing the time spent with my family and to me, it’s more important than anything in this world as TIME is what money can never buy… I always tell myself that I have to work hard and focus on my work as much as possible and to cherish every opportunity and every moment of my everyday life in showbiz so whether I succeed or fail, the sacrifices are at least worthwhile! Many might think I am lucky to be where I am now since most artistes require a longer time to reach this stage. Well, I fully understand that but different people look at things differently… For me, my FAMILY always comes first and I guess that's why I’m always confused with where I stand!

Sometimes, I do feel lack of love as I’m staying by myself in Taiwan but what really kept me going is the love and support from all of you… You know why I always say this? Because you guys are REAL! No Motives at all… 100% support from your heart! I really cherish you all and that's why I always show my appreciation but some people might say I am a hypocrite to say these kinds of things but WHO CARES??? :-) I want to say what I want to say and it all truly comes from my heart!

LET’S JUST DO YOUR BEST… You have my blessings and support too :-)

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Wealth is nothing without everything! Stay healthy, ok?

Chinese Version ready soon....GIve me some time ok ☺

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