[2007.10.19] UNFORGETTABLE 1010!

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[2007.10.19] UNFORGETTABLE 1010!

Post by evelyn on Thu Nov 15, 2007 2:48 pm


Very unbelievable! From being a normal person just like u guys to having so many supporters from countries around the globe sending me good wishes and celebrating my birthday with me Its like WOW what a big day for me and I believe my mother would be so happy for me except that I know she wouldnt want me to work under this kind of pressure! Anyway, I think it is absolutely ok for me because she has really taught me well on how to be independent and how to take super good care of myself.

Without you guys, I wouldnt have the motivation/confidence at all! I think the path in my showbiz career have been very lucky ever since but I also cannot deny that I have put 200% focus and hard work to every bits and pieces of what I have done! Well, I believe I will keep improving coz you guys have given me courage and confidence to gain new experiences. I love experiencing new things in life and I believe I will have the opportunities to try different things in the showbiz in the coming futureI might not be perfect at first but I believe every 1st timers should be spared for their mistakes so they will grow and get better and better. Most importantly, I am very fortunate for the chances given by so many of you and I know you guys have supported and encouraged all these while! Vice versa, you guys have my support and encouragement too, ok! I hope this feeling will go on and on :-)

My birthday celebration

Actually, I was the one who suggested to my Company about the birthday function few months ago and coincidentally wu-chun.com proposed this idea to my Company too. And with the help from so many fan clubs, my company eventually agreed on it, which really was GOOD news to me. Too bad the preparation time was limited and only few venue options available!

But still, I would like to give my most sincere appreciation to my Company, organizers and all of you for making my birthday celebration a huge success! It has given me the opportunity to get to know you guys better, see so many familiar faces again, to have the chance to meet many of you whom I only knew by your names back then and most importantly, having good times with you all. Although many could not turn up, I still feel the warm wishes and birthday greetings from so many of you around the world who have sent in birthday cards or left messages in my blogThank you so much!

Also, as I mentioned before, I do know the joy of giving gifts to someone we admire to me, MJ is an example J Well, I only accept gifts once a year and that's during my birthday and WOW 12 big boxes this year This is too exaggerating, isnt it! Loads of very meaningful gifts: Video Greetings, Charity Works, DIY gifts, meaningful Cards, etc All really really touching! Can u guys believe I actually manage to arrange and tidy up all the gifts on the night of my birthday itself? I just couldnt wait to see them Of course, its not like as if I am a kid who is anxious to see if theres anything I like but what I was after was the joy of seeing every giftI even carry some to Beijing :-)

Honestly, I am also very happy that all of you did try your best to do charities and even if you did not contribute much, at least you guys have the heart to make this world a better place to live in! Actually, I felt bad that there were charity donations during my birthday but I have always wanted to have one and since I did not know when I could have the chance to do so, I decided I might as well grab hold of this opportunity during my birthday itself. I want to thank all of you and hope you guys understand too. Actually, I have also planned for blood donation but due to venue constraints, it was called off! Maybe next time, ok :-)

I promise I will try my best to have my 1010 birthday celebrations with you guys every year, ok? Hopefully, with advanced planning, we are able to find a bigger venue next year so more people can be accommodated!

Lastly, GOOD newsGood news!!!

Fahrenheit will be going to Macau on the 26th and Singapore on the 27th.

Romantic Princess has a promotional activity in Jakarta, Indonesia on the 2nd of Nov!!!

Isnt that great??? Although I am really tired from traveling recently, but I really cant wait to meet up with u guys J RememberStay safe, have fun and see u guys soon!!!

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If there is anything better than being loved, it is loving

So remember, Open your heart and be generous in giving out love to your surroundings!



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