Basketball Fire Press Con 11/15/2007

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Basketball Fire Press Con 11/15/2007

Post by evelyn on Sat Nov 17, 2007 10:28 pm

Having a strong cast will make people envious. The new GTV drama series Basketball Fire got Jerry Yan, Show Luo and Wu Zun together to make up a strong cast, but before the 3 of them get to compete their basketball skills, they are already competing for the no.1 actor position.
Wu Zun decided to take up no.3 position on his own accord while neither of the two experienced actors Jerry and Show is willing to be no.2.

two months ago, Basketball fire had a difficult time persuading Jerry to act in this series. Just when Jerry had agreed, Show became undecided and again GTV's big shots had to persuade Show to act in this show. In addition to the earlier confirmed Wu Zun, they finally managed to get the three actors to work together for this series, yet now they are faced with ranking problems, as all three of them are very popular.

For next wednesday's press conference (21st Nov), the poster designer had a hard time deciding how to put the three of them on the poster. As Wu Zun will be acting in another series Er Bi Jian at the beginning of next year, his role in Basketball Fire will not be as major as Show and Jerry, hence he willingly took up the last rank. As for Show and Jerry, after looking at the script, both their artiste management companies feel that their roles are equally important and both have the qualities to be the no.1 actor in Basketball Fire.

GTV and both actors' management companies had a meeting this week and they had discussed about the ranking problems, but GTV is not willing to give any information. But they said they will make it such a way that everyone will be happy.

Show's manager had expressed yesterday that the ranking isn't important. What's most important is to be able to work with good actors and crew. Jerry's manager also expressed they had no comments regarding the ranking and that they will respect GTV's decision. As for GTV, they said they will design a poster which shows that all three actors have equal importance. As for other matters, they have yet to come up with a conclusion.

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