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Gam3 Mode

Post by evelyn on Mon Dec 24, 2007 1:25 pm

In the host setup room,u can have your personal mode to start a game, now “Super Dance Online-Xtreme” will provide player with “Multiplayer mode” “Reverse note” “Rriver note” “Lover mode” “Boys vs Girls(PK mode)” “Show time mode”6 type of mode to choose!

1.Multiplayer mode

1. Model introduced:

Multiplayer mode is the most popular mode in all game type. That allow playing to team up to 6 player to carry out the game. When game start the arrow will start coming out form the small screen at the left site. Player is to hit the arrow coming out and gain point from it. At last who hit the most arrow will became the winner.

2. Reverse note:

The difference between reverse note and Multiplayer mode is, the arrow that came out will have one more type “arrow in yellow” when this type of arrow came out show is down player is to hit the up key. This is a mode that tests the player reaction.

3. River note:

The difference between river note mode and multiplayer mode, is the screen in the left will became in the middle of the screen, the arrow instead of coming up from bottom it will dropping from the top. Also will depend the point u get to win the game.

4. PK mode:

Pk mode must began at 2vs2,or3vs3,after the girl and boy join as a team. Game will start to take turn by 1vs1 mode. When is not your turn u can use the key “up” “down”“left” “right” to move in background

If u start at 3 vs 3 mode. u has to take 3turn to play. When your turn u will see the arrows appear. Same with the multiplayer mode who get the most point win the game.

When the game end, it will go in Penalties time, in middle of the screen will have “Penalties time” came out

When Penalties time, middle of the screen will appear a roulette of Fate, the loser will get penalties from it, roulette of Fate will make the loser became “pig” “duck” “panda” “clown” and so on but also got change to get away from Penalties. it all depend of your luck.

See!!! The loser became a “PIG”

5. Lover mode:

In lover mode u need to start a game in 2vs2 or 3vs3 mode. Girl and boy will team up in same team to play a song. Every lover team will appear a big love; it is to calculate both lovers performance.

After the game start small Heart-shaped will appear onsite of the big heart to integrator ranks of men and women on both sides of both lovers of dance performance

After the songs, when the 2 side of small heart-shapped join together. It will appear a Close action of the lovers.

Is time to take photo after the game.


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