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Post by evelyn on Mon Dec 24, 2007 12:49 pm

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《Super Dancer Online - Xtreme》, a 9you developed product and published by CiB Net Station Sdn Bhd exclusively, is the first dancing pad online game that never had before. Player can choose to use computer keyboard or dancing pad to enjoy this game. When using a USB dancing pad, player will get effects of visual and body exercising with cute in game characters. The dancing pad system is developed to connect worldwidely, so player may use dancing pad to dance with another player through 《Super Dancer Online - Xtreme》. This game is using full 3D graphics engine technology. This in game characters dance movements are collected within the real dancer using the motion capture device (motion capture) technology from professional street dancer. It contains hundreds of dance movements with HIP-HOP move, which are facinated by young people nowadays. Meanwhile it includes dancing moves such as jazz, samba and International Ballroom Dancing, which suit middle-aged people. We have chosen the most modern Landscape in China for this game background, such as Nanjin Avenue, Chongqing, HIP-HOP style with Doodle on wall. The whole interface inside this game is cheerful and relax. When using dancing pad, you have to follow the up, down, left, right directions appear on the computer screen. Following by stepping on the dancing pad with their feet on the corresponding region, with a good pre-match music, and dance movements. By moving your whole body, it helps to lose weight and maintain your healthy body shape.

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With “Super Dancer Online – Xtreme”, you can hear most of the popular and classical music. The unique virtual character calorie calculation system enables virtual character size changes corresponding to your daily play time. "Super Dancer Online - Xtreme" will become the world most popular online game, as this game presents you the weight reduction and fitness while enjoy the entertainment and leisure playing this game.

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