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[2007.05.13]Happy Mother Day Empty [2007.05.13]Happy Mother Day

Post by evelyn on Thu Nov 15, 2007 2:51 pm

今天就是母親節啦我母親在生的時候,我還記得我會買花或禮物給她。可是,我卻不敢直接送給她因為我太害羞了是不是很好笑? J 我真的很想她

很多人說,當我面對生活中很多困難的時候,我總是很樂觀也很勇敢面對! 其實,有時候,我很害怕,也很緊張,但沒一次都是我母親給我我需要的力量,讓我可以面對這些挑戰! 她讓我明白珍惜眼前的機會是多麼的重要。如果沒有成功,只要我知道自己已經盡力和要讓自己健康就好了! 想起5年前我是一個怎樣的人,更讓我發現現在的我真的勇敢很多!

雖然我不像有些人那麼幸運身邊可以還有母親在身邊,但是我常常覺得自己很幸福,因為我有過這麼一個好的媽媽! 相信我要成為一個好媽媽,是一個女人一生中最大的挑戰啦! 所以,明天會發生什麼事情我們永遠不知道,請珍惜目前你擁有的一切,給身邊的人最大最多的愛啦,好嗎?


還有一件事情關於我上一個網誌,我收到很多人留言的意見! 其實,對於媒體的新聞我真的不介意啦,對於現在的生活也不會感到非常不開心這些事情不會真的影響我很多啦! 只是對於一些虛假的事情,或一些待我不公平的人,覺得很煩,但是還OK啦你知道嗎﹖這些事情讓我變得更堅強因為我會付出更大的努力! 其實,我認為成功的人是不會在別人背後說人家壞話,或說一些不真實的是非之類的,反而應該更充實自己讓自己進步,才會不後悔,最後才能變成真正的勝利者!


English Version

Its Mothers Day today!!! I still remember buying flowers and gifts for my mum when she was still alive! However, I never dared to give her directly because I was too shy Funny, isnt it? :-) I really miss her a lot

A lot of people say Im very optimistic in life and that I could bravely face my everyday challenges! Actually, sometimes, I felt scared and nervous too but it always is my mum who gave me the needed energy and drive for me to face everyday challenges! She made me know the importance to grab every chance that I may have and if I dont succeed ,its fine but I have to make sure that I always remember to do my very best and keep myself Healthy! Come to think of what a person I was 5 years ago, I really feel I have become very BRAVE now!

Although I am not that lucky like many of you who still has a mother by your side, I do consider myself very FORTUNATE because I used to have such a Great MUM like her! Believe me To be a good mother is the greatest challenge a woman has to face in her whole life! As we don't know what will happen tomorrow/in the future, do cherish what you have now and give out your best to everyone who are close to you, ok?

Here, I want to wish all mothers a very Happy Mothers Day filled with lots of Joy, Wealth and most importantly HEALTH :-)

One more thing I received a lot of comments lately about my previous blog entry! Actually, I wasnt really bothered by the news from the media and neither felt very unhappy with my current life These kinds of things wont affect me very much! I just felt irritated by people who are fake or people who treated me unfairly but its ok for me now. and you know whatthat made me even stronger because I treat that as a Motivation for me to be better! Actually, I feel that a successful person shouldnt say anything bad/untrue behind peoples back but instead, they need to carry the kind of attitude of improving themselves so they will lose with no regrets and still end up as a winner!

Thus, to all the people who are concerned about me, now you don't have to worry about me ok because I have a STRONG mind :-)

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At the end, its not the years in your life that counts. Its the life in your years.
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